Genuine Leather


Here at Rob & Mara, we use 100% premium genuine leather for all of our products. We believe in creating sustainable, versatile, and durable pieces that will last you for years to come — on heavy rotation, day in and day out. Here at Rob & Mara, every piece is built to last.

We predominantly use premium cowhide full-grain leather and top-grain leather for our pieces, which are the strongest and most durable types of leather. On most hides, you will be able to see unique markings, small scars, insect bites, creases, and natural skin folds that have been acquired over its lifetime. What's great is that these markings and characteristics do not, in any way, impact the quality of the leather goods. In fact, they hold a rich history and constantly offer authenticity, durability, and maximum longevity of use.

With the wide variety of our products, we occasionally use different types of genuine leather as well, such as nubuck and suede cowhide leather. Among all the types of leather out there, only the highest quality furniture, luggage, fashion items, and footwear often feature genuine leather, which ages very gracefully and develops natural wrinkles, creases, and a beautiful patina over time. Genuine full-grain and top-grain leather are regarded as the highest quality forms of leather, which is why we ultimately choose to use them for our products.


Every item has a story to tell.

The character and personality formed on a pair of Rob & Mara leather shoes are like a stamp of ownership that’s unique to every owner. Each pair will map the trips you've been on, the steps you've taken, the places you've traveled to. As your Rob & Mara leather shoes crease, wrinkle, and mold to your feet through age and wear, it becomes a part of you and your journey.