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Peyton in Wine
Worth it!

Super love the shoes, it looks and feels durable too! Definitely worth the money ✨Happy to support local shoemakers!

I bought this just because I needed a pair of shoes I can wear on rainy days; I didn't expect I would love it too! It looks bulky in their IG photos so I thought it would be unflattering for big feet like mine, but it actually slims down my feet! This pair needs a little breaking in because it's heavier and stiffer than their moccasins, but genuine leather expands and stretches with time so I don't mind. Customer service is great as always. Thank you R&M!

Light and Comfy

I'm so thrilled to have my third pair from Rob & Mara. It's very light and comfortable to use. There's no need to break in the shoes. I also love the classic style, making it versatile to use. You can wear it with a dress or your usual business casual attire.

Ezra in White
TJ Ramos
Love at first sight.

This is my first, but definitely not my last pair from Rob & Mara! I've been eyeing Ezra since then.. Same with Margaux, Heather & Devon.. So definitely, this is not my last❤️ Thank you so much, Rob & Mara for your beautiful creations😘

Lily in White
Strell Bonete
New Fave!!

From Manila to Boracay and back, this has been my companion. From the city to the beach.m it didn't let me down. So comfortable and relaxing to wear! Would try the other design next time. Kudos to your team!

R&M Shoebag
Malcolm C
Good quality

It is what it says it is which is a nice shoebag to carry your new shoes

Dylan in Black
Malcolm C
Good quality

Shoes were of good quality and looked good. Bought them for my gf and after breaking them in, she enjoys them

Heather in All Black
Pamela Cañedo
Heather in Black

Items received in good condition. Its fits perfectly you suggested size 6.5. Thank you so much. I love it. Worth it ❤️😍🙏👍

Dylan in Brown
Joyce Adrianne Detera
Soooo pretty!

I really like it!!! Super like it!!! 💕
Beyond my expectations! the quality is really good and the size is just perfectly fine.
Definitely won't be my last one, will order again soon!

So excited to wear this outside! Plus ootd (cute socks -- was inspired by one of your posts, so bought one for myself LOL ☺)

So gorg!! 😍

What you see is what you get! This is my first time buying from their store but Rob and Mara exceeded my expectations. The shoes are very durable and stylish! Looking forward to buying some of their products again!

Finally got my hands (feet) on this pair!

I've been waiting for this pair for a while, and now finally got mine. I'm excited to wear this definitely comfy pair of brogues. Excited for some whites next!

Tanya in White
Cherry Rose Nolasco

Tanya in White

Iris in Brown
Patch Cristobal
Pretty, dainty, and pretty cottagecore

I love how the Iris flats fit my feet. It's snug, but it's not too tight or too loose. I've had other ballet flats before but the material used wasn't leather. Because of this, I can really feel the quality of the flats. They're sturdy, and I can imagine myself going for long walks or quick runs to lunch at the office. I can really see myself using these for a long time! It complements my outfits at work, too. The beauty of Iris is that you can go casual and smart casual for work. I also love the style because it's so unique and cottagecore!

Dylan in Black
Patch Cristobal
Sturdy and ubercool!

While it hurt when I wore it thrice (some parts of my feet actually still hurt now), I think the shoes take some time getting used to. That being said, I think I'm still in the process of breaking the shoes in. What's more, their style and sturdiness are undeniable! If this gets more comfortable in time, this would become my wardrobe staple! Worth the purchase!

P.S. I loved the Pride socks that came with the two pairs I bought from Rob & Mara!

The perfect shoes for dainty little dresses

I love the color! It’s bright enough that it pops but it’s not overwhelming! It arrived very quickly, ordering was a breeze and the leather is supple enough that I don’t think I need to do much in terms of breaking the shoe in.

Peyton in Wine
Girlie R
It’s a little stiff but it looks absolutely gorgous

Hopefully the stiffness goes away after much more use but I love it. It arrived very quickly, ordering was a breeze on the website and I’ve gotten nothing but compliment whenever I’ve worn them. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to purchase extra laces for these.

Beatrix in Blue & Coffee

This is my second pair of shoes from Rob and Mara. I love both. The first was given to as a Christmas gift fom my daughter. The best since you have a size of 9.5.

I like the style and so comfy. Plan to purchase another one.

Finn in Brown Suede
Milca Montilla

Comfortable sa paa. Worth the price.

High quality

Will surely recommend

worth buying!☺️

It is simple, soo comfortable to wear, and definitely worth the price!😉

Celeste in Black
Giane Villaluna

Super like it coz it’s lightweight and I got the correct size
Thank you! ❤️

Beautiful understated belt

Quality is superb! Width is just right whether wearing over a dress or throught the belt loops of pants/shorts. You might want to request 2 or 3 holes as I had to go to Mr Quickie for additional 2 holes even after requesting 1 extra here, and my waist is 25.

Selina in Beige
Appreciate the advocacy but...

Product fell short of my expectations; looked better in photos. Hope it can be improved next time.

Hi Tanya, thanks for your review. We're sorry our product didn't meet your expectations. Your feedback allows us to strive and improve our products for the better.

Amari in Brown
Maria Cristina Magnayon
Amari Blue....Simple yet Stylish

My daughter loved,it so much!!! Great for weekends---in denims or girly skirts!