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Margaux in Nude

Very stylish and looks so comfy. Haven’t tried it yet but I am sure my feet will love them 🙂


Love itFirst of all the quality of their shoes is superb and awesome. This is my First time and i really like it talaga.The shoes, the customer service, the delivery - everything is 💯 very comfy

I love it!

I love your Venice in beige..super comfy and it looks durable 😍

Great for Sunny days

Quinn is made of leather that makes it durable and great for Sunny days though the design makes it a little out of form.

Devon in Black

quality and style are excellent. however the sizing is not. i am always size 8 when buying shoes . so i just followed your sizing recommendation to buy the usual size. it turned out the size 8 is like size 9 ( 1 size bigger than the size 38 or 8) . having a hard time wearing them as they are too big.

What you see is what you get!

The product itself is so nice and comfortable. Product’s quality is good for its price. Worth it! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

My 1st Rob & Mara, Primose

I love my Primrose. Especially yong tahi na tagos hanggang sole nya talaga. I love the fit and super gaan. Definitely not my last.. :)

Great product as always

This is my second pair of R&M shoes. I changed the shoelaces btw. I love the fit! It's my new favourite

Great customer service!

This was my second time ordering the Margaux. The tan version was for some reason bigger than the amaretto version I first ordered. They gladly took the tan back and gave me options of smaller sizes in their stock and replaced the shoes with something that fit me better :) Great customer service, no issues with replacement at all! Looking forward to smaller sizes in your selection to I can keep enjoying your comfy shoes ❤️

So comfy and really beautiful

Great purchase!

Sorry for the late review as I was only able to wear this more frequently recently (haaay quarantine). I bought this back in late January. This was my first purchase from Rob&Mara and I love it! At first I had some concerns if I bought the wrong size because my feet are kinda wide and the style is a bit fitting on the toes. But Customer Support reassured me that the leather will stretch more as I use it more frequently. It does fit better now and I love how soft and light they are, buttery indeed! It's great that it's locally made by Filipino shoemakers :D The ordering and shipping process were hassle-free too. Thanks, Rob&Mara! <3

Ezra in Fudge

The shoes are comfy and in good quality.

So satisfying!!!

This is my first time ordering and I'm overall so satisfied! The delivery was really fast and the shoes are made of high quality! If you'll check the shoes up close, it's very well made!! I'm so satisfied with my order and I can't wait to pair it with cute clothes! ♥ I'll definitely order again some time soon when I have the opportunity and recommend this shop to my friends ♥ Hopefully you could also release maryjane styles or japanese style loafers in the future. ^_^

Hi! Received my order today and I already love it! Can’t wait to wear them at work 🥰

Ezra White

So comfy..and so pretty

Super comfy!! Love my new shoes! Thank you 😊

Love it!

Awesome! I super love the shoes!! Highly recommend Rob & Mara. Real Leather!!

Selina in Taupe

Ezra in White

Superb! Fits perfectly.


Been contemplating for months if I will get Peyton because I already have 4 branded brogues and what I really wanted since mid last year is Raven in Antique Brown (out of stock huhu). When I got the extra budget, I finally gave into temptation and lo and behold, the Wine is already in my shoe rack... Super comfy and pocket friendly. Way cheaper than the ones I bought from malls, plus you get to shop, love and support local. 👌

Comfiest shoes I’ve ever purchased.

Rob & Mara Team assisted me in picking the most comfy shoe size. I am kinda hesistant to purchase online but they made it easy. Quality wise, its great considering its price. 😊 this will surely not my last purchase! Thank you!

super comfy

I like the fit and I am comfortable. ^_^

Quality shoes and love the color, finally I can wear dresses with good shoes to match it!

The deliver driver just seems to be in a foul mood, not sure if he has been waiting for a while but he seems upset when I was asking question who was the delivery from just for safety measures.