Our Story

Founded with a mission

Rob & Mara was founded with the goal of providing locally handcrafted premium leather footwear and timeless pieces to suit every woman's lifestyle. Born out of the idea that the things we own should last, Rob & Mara creates pieces that are sustainable, versatile, and designed to last for years to come.

A small team with big dreams

Fully homegrown and family-owned, Rob & Mara is run by a small yet dedicated team of like-minded individuals who share a clear vision — that locally made premium leather footwear can be world-class, comfortable, and affordable.

Our Guarantee

Superior quality craftsmanship

Crafted with your satisfaction in mind. Each pair we make is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and hand-lasted by our skilled sapateros who ensure that you get the quality and comfort you deserve. Explore our workshop here.
Premium full-grain leather

We use premium genuine leather for our products due to its beauty, sustainability, and durability. Unlike man-made or synthetic leather, genuine leather is comfortable, breathable, molds to the shape of your feet through wear, and is highly durable. It will last for years or even decades when properly taken care of. Read more about the leather we use here.
Reasonable pricing

From the beginning, Rob & Mara has always been committed to making premium leather footwear all-inclusive. We want to scrap the age-old idea that genuine leather is expensive or can be worn only by a selected group of people. Quality is for everyone. With our small yet dedicated team and our direct-to-consumer business model, we have changed the way Filipinos look at premium leather footwear in the years we've been in the business.
Customer service, pure and simple

Since we started Rob & Mara, we've received countless good reviews, and it all comes down to one reason: dedication. Our team has always been committed to give you the best online shopping experience. We believe that a good quality product is nothing without good quality service. Read our reviews here.
Fair trade and creating a community

Rob & Mara firmly believes in providing fair employment for our Filipino shoemakers and giving them an opportunity to grow. By partnering with our skilled sapateros in Marikina, we've breathed new life into the local shoe industry and given them a steady source of livelihood to provide for their families. With your help and support, there is no way but up for our partnership to thrive. We are continuously working hand in hand with our shoemakers with one goal in mind: To revolutionize the local shoe industry one pair at a time. 

Tell us your story

Each Rob & Mara product tells the story of its owner. For the modern day woman, a pair of Rob & Mara leather shoes is a timeless heirloom that maps your many adventures. See how our customers shared their own stories at #RobAndMaraGirl. 
Inspired to invest in a unique piece that will last?