Hook-and-Buckle Technology

Hook and buckle

Functionality has always been one of our main principles as a brand, and that entails considering every little detail to ensure comfort and seamless use for our customers.

Whether you're rushing to leave your house or just lazy (let's admit it, most of us have those days haha), you don't ever have to worry about wasting your precious time unbuckling and buckling your sandals every time you wear them. That's because our sandals feature hook-and-buckle technology to provide quick and easy wear. 

What is hook-and-buckle technology?

Hook-and-buckle technology provides quick and easy wear for the user by eliminating the step of having to manually fasten the buckle of your straps every time you wear your sandals.

Our sandal strap is composed of three (3) parts: the leather strap, a hook, and a buckle. You only have to fix your buckle once (ever!) which you do so the moment you receive and try on your sandals. Simply determine which hole to place the buckle on for the perfect fit, and after that, wearing your sandals will literally just take a second. Just slide and secure the hook in front of the buckle when you wear your sandals and you're ready to go!

 Hook-and-buckle Technology

I'm new to this. How do I use my sandals with hook-and-buckle technology?

1) Try on your sandals and place the buckle on the hole that provides the best fit for you.

2) Slide the hook in front of the buckle and secure it in its position, as shown on the GIF above. Make sure that this position provides you a comfortable fit while wearing your sandals.

3) Try walking around in your sandals to determine if the fit is right. Make any necessary adjustments to get the perfect fit. The straps should not be too tight or too loose or else it will be uncomfortable or the strap may unfasten while walking. Try to achieve just the right position that provides a secure but comfortable fit.