Kidskin Leather


Kidskin leather is a type of soft leather made from goatskin and is traditionally used for gloves. Due to its well-rounded features such as adaptability, durability, suppleness, and the fact that it is impressively lightweight, kidskin leather is also widely used for other fashion purposes such as footwear and clothing.

Kidskin is considered a high quality leather and this is generally reflected in the cost of its leather products. Because kidskin tends to be a bit lighter in weight than calfskin while remaining a very strong material, it is often used for a number of leather items. This allows the leather to be quite flexible and can be used to produce just about any type of leather clothing or accessory, although it is most commonly used to make leather gloves and women’s shoes.

Since kidskin leather is very soft, it entails more care during use than cowhide. We recommend using your kidskin leather shoes with utmost care with the following advice:

  • Refrain from using your kidskin leather shoes when commuting on public vehicles or if you walk a lot on unpaved roads.
  • Do not drag your feet when walking; rather, lift your feet up with every step to avoid the leather from skidding the ground.
  • Avoid sharp corners and objects when walking as these may accidentally scratch the leather when come into contact.

For more instructions on how to clean and take care of your leather shoes, click here.


In the late 19th century, elbow-length opera gloves made from kidskin were an elegant alternative to shorter glove styles that only reached the wrist. These soft leather opera gloves became an important and popular component of lady’s formal wear, reaching their peak of popularity during the Edwardian era. In modern times, gloves made of kidskin leather are usually worn as winter outerwear rather than formal wear, but they continue to be popular with both men and women due to their warmth and soft, supple texture.